WAS NFTs are more than just an avatar!



Women Ape Yacht Club (WAS) is
an NFT collection consisting of 10,000 Women Apes Squad NFT on the Ethereum

Each Women Ape Squad Holder gets Mutant Women Apes for free. For each Women Ape Squad NFT, you get one Mutant Women Ape Squad NFT. Gas fees will be charged to claim mutant women apes. Once Women Ape Squad is sold out, we will list Mutant Women Ape Squad collection immediately.


WAS Membership Pass.
Mint Price and Date of WAS Membership Pass will announced once WAS is sold out!
There are numerous benefits to owning a WAS membership pass. By owning a WAS
pass, you will get free mint access to 20 top quality NFT projects. Only WAS
holders will get whitelist access to WAS Passes. We will bring more utility for
every NFT project


Collection of 10,000 WAS

Be part of a community of WAS and enjoy several services of this club.

1st Phase minting on 0-1000 on 08/09/2022

  • Own full IP rights to your WAS

    When buying a WAS, individuals and entities are automatically granted the full IP and commercial usage rights. This means there’s no limit to what you can do with your WAS commercially. We provide guidance for businesses utilizing their WAS IP.

  • Invitations to IRL and metaverse events

    Together, we’re raising the bar for the quality of community, art, and web3 experiences. Get invitations to VIP world-class IRL and metaverse events, exhibitions and experiences.

  • Members-only digital fashion brand

    Express yourself in web3 with style for the metaverse and beyond with the House of WAS digital fashion brand. Holders access private wearables sales and IRL limited-edition capsule collections